Do you know someone with breast cancer?

With one in eight women diagnosed in
a lifetime, it’s a disease likely to touch everyone. When a woman learns she has breast cancer, her friends and family members often feel lost.  Unsure what to say or how to help, they frequently disengage just when they are needed most.  Until now.

The Best Friend’s Guide to Breast Cancer:  What to Do if Your Bosom Buddy or Loved One is Diagnosed is an inspiring and informative one-stop resource to coach friends and loved ones through this difficult time.  Sonja Faulkner and other breast cancer survivors offer insight about the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery phases of an illness, including what a woman is thinking, what you should say (and not say) to her, suggestions for meaningful acts of kindness, and gift ideas.

Also, medical terminology is explained in layperson’s language so that friends and loved ones gain a rudimentary understanding of diagnostic tests, treatment options, and medical maintenance.  In addition, a chapter on the healing properties of 13 super cancer-fighting foods, as well as recipes to make during all stages of a loved one’s battle, is included.  The guide also provides lists of organizations and websites to learn more about breast cancer, receive support, find information on events or walks, and opportunities to volunteer, make a donation, or become an advocate.

The Best Friend’s Guide to Breast Cancer and the healing power of social support will make an extraordinary difference in your loved one’s journey.