Almost inevitably, the concerned and loving friends or family members of a woman recently diagnosed with breast cancer will struggle with what to do and say. How do you encourage, support, and inspire without unwittingly offending, fatiguing, or disappointing the person you love? Whereas most breast cancer patients become consumed by their own battles, Sonja Faulkner becomes consumed by you, dear reader...

Through the wisdom of experience, Sonja and other breast cancer survivors provide honest and insightful advice about the friends they either cherished, or wished they had known. Sonja guides you through all phases of an illness from diagnosis to cure, prepares you with the breast cancer basics, creates accurate expectations about treatment, and offers practical suggestions that will make your friend’s rough road a little smoother (from reassuring one-liners to recipes like “Mum’s Minestrone Soup”).

As a breast cancer surgeon for over 10 years, I have treated thousands of women with breast issues, witnessing firsthand the healing power of social support. You do not need to be a breast cancer survivor to impact a woman with your positive words and thoughtful actions. If you know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, The Best Friend’s Guide to Breast Cancer will prove to be an uplifting, comprehensive resource. A must-read for friends and loved ones! 

    Kristi Funk, MD, FACS
       Breast Cancer Surgeon 
       Founder and Director, Pink Lotus Breast Center 
       Los Angeles, CA

As a practicing oncologist for the past eight years, I can attest to the importance of social support during the treatment process. This wonderful, well-written guide is all someone needs to provide the much-needed support to their friend or family member facing a breast cancer diagnosis or going through treatment.

Many books have been published to aid the individual on their journey. However, Ms. Faulkner’s guide fills the previously unmet need of material to help loved ones in this process. I will recommend Sonja’s book to all of my patients and their families.

    Noam Draz
in, MD 
        Beverly Hills, CA

I have been an oncology nurse and patient advocate for over 25 years. I have learned that it is not just the person diagnosed with cancer who is affected, but everyone around them. Anyone facing a breast cancer diagnosis needs the help of their support team as well as their medical team. It truly takes a team to fight cancer! This book is an excellent guide for those on that support team who need help to determine how to best support their friend or loved one. Sonja's guide is a comprehensive, soup-to-nuts resource that should be in the hands of every woman, man, loved one, and friend facing a breast cancer diagnosis. Well done!

    Kathryn West
       AMGEN, Inc. Advocacy Director/Oncology  
       Thousand Oaks, CA